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Thursday 8 November 2007

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600 people have responded to an online questionnaire by online PR firm Shiny Red. The questionnaire had the objective of finding out what consumers use the internet for, and how important communication with organisations can be.

51% of consumers think firms should be talking to them online. They also feel that the firms should initiate the conversation. This can be through blogs, such as this one, or on forums around the internet. A popular industry for company bloggers is the computer gaming industry, as the two go hand-in-hand. The game developers use their own forums to gain the attention of current and potential consumers and spread the word of their new product. It is also a helpful resource for support and client’s opinions.

However, there can be downsides. Consumers are web-savvy. They know when they are being taken for a ride. Some companies have been known to pay people to create user names on certain internet forums/websites. These “bloggers” then enter the forums with the intention of plugging and promoting their employer’s products and services.

This has not been well received with the majority of people. Two major companies, one American and the other French were criticised by 64% of consumers. They were found to have people entering internet forums plugging their brands to users who were looking for honest, un-biased advice to help with their purchasing decisions.

A massive 63% said they use the internet as their first choice of searching for information. 35% also said they would be more inclined to visit a firm’s website if they see information about it on the internet. Search optimisation is quite obviously indispensable to a company’s web presence.

Do you have search engine optimisation built in to your site? If you do not, Mediation is here to make you visible to the masses.


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    Monday 15 December 2008

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    You’ve probably already seen or read about this, already but I thought it fitted in with this perfectly. Especially when you mentioned it was dangerous to let ‘Web Savvy’ people have a contribution to what they knew was a plug for the company itself.

    I saw it on the Gruen transfer, its about the Tahoe cars. When they gave the consumers a chance to write the captions for the adds.

    you can see it here

    yeh thought I’d just let you see that incase you haven’t already.



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