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Wednesday 16 July 2008

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Samsung is a global sponsor of the Olympics and is giving away more than 200,000 prizes in the US. The prizes include mobile phones, ring tones and home cinema systems.

Users have the opportunity to win by finding gold medals in a scavenger hunt across several websites. The websites also have ties with the Olympics, for example sports website

Samsung will SMS or e-mail clues to users every day during the olympics. Medals can be found in a number of different places across the website, for example behind a Samsung banner advert or hidden somewhere on a specific page. Users can also win medals by referring friends and pick up additional bonus medals when an American athlete wins a medal at an event.

The strategy uses Flash-based technology. The user is able to find the hidden medals several different ways, including hovering their mouse over the corner of a flash animated banner. This reveals the missing medal and a hyperlink for users to register their details to enter the daily and grand prize draws. The grand prize is US $100,000.

The treasure trail is an example of a fun and interactive strategy that challenges its players to think outside of the box rather than just a simple “phone this number to win a prize” strategy. It is easy to implement, especially if you are looking to hide items within your own website.

Wentz, l; Advertising Age;21/7/2008, Vol. 79, Issue 28, p8


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