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Friday 6 June 2008

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It’s hard to watch TV and not see a Delfin advert featuring somebody who has just moved to a new home and wants the world to know how good it is. Is there a benefit for advertisers using testimonials in their print, radio, web and television adverts?

Following a market research exercise, Indianapolis-baed credit union Forum CU found  it was not communicating its message in a way that was of interest or relevance to potential clients.

The market research found that people were not interested in adverts that featured “you” language (for example “YOU can save one million dollars over twenty years if you buy our product).

In response to the research findings, Forum CU changed its strategy to include “I” language. This strategy includes using testimonials featuring current clients discussing how the product/service had been of benefit to them.

Testimonials have to be unscripted and spontaneous. Forum CU managed to get sound bites such as “If I could find a man like Forum, I’d be married” and “We’re bringing up our daughter the Forum way”.

Another client took a picture of herself next to a Forum billboard and emailed it to everyone in her address book saying “ Hey, check me out on Forum CU’s website”. Forum CU’s marketing director concludes, “You can’t pay for that kind of word of mouth”.

If you do not have testimonials established on your website, we recommend you jump into the deep end. Borrow a video camera and start interviewing current clients to ascertain how your service is helping them and can help others in the same position.


Freeman, L, credit union journal;19/05/2008, p35


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