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Monday 7 April 2008

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The Advertising Age has categorised negative consumers into 4 groups in relation to their consumer experiences. The groups are: impatient, recreational, reluctant and painstaking consumer.

An Impatient consumer is a type of consumer that has been forced into making a purchase. The item is often durable goods and major appliances. This could be due to reasons such as failure of their current tools or the need to upgrade.

A Recreational consumer is not all it sounds! This is the necessary weekly-fortnightly shop that is needed to keep us alive with food and drink. This is where it is the job of the supplier to make the experience as pleasant and easy as possible. This will help increase the consumer’s satisfaction levels and open the consumer’s minds to new ideas and products that are on-sale.

A Reluctant consumer is less likely to change suppliers. They are brand-loyal consumers. It is perceived to be very difficult to change banks accounts or mobile phone operators from one to another. Is this necessarily the case? No, but the market environment has created a smoke-screen which immediately conveys messages such as “Difficult” and “time-consuming” when the consumer first considers the idea. 

A Painstaking consumer is a consumer that is in fear of making the wrong decision. Many hours will be spent researching the correct choice and even after the experts agree, the consumer agrees and the seller agrees there is still a strong sense of doubt in the consumer’s mind. Market research is critical here! This is where you learn exactly what makes the consumer tick and where you can put the plug on any holes of uncertainty and doubt.

It is our job as marketers to identify the characteristics of each consumer’s “stopwatch”. In its simplest form this is the time we have to grab their attention and hold them before they lose interest in your product. It is our job to tell you that consumers in your target market want to hear “This” “This” and “This” when in “consumer mode”, which will help extract the most value out of them, as well as offering the pleasant service they dream of but don’t necessarily expect!

Rosen, J & Turano, A; Advertising Age; 4/2/2008, Vol. 79 Issue 5, p25


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