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Wednesday 21 January 2015

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I was reading an interesting article the other day about 2015 web design trends.

It was talking about ‘The rise of software as a service’. In the post it talks about people building their own website using services that we have all heard of, like ‘Squarespace’ and ‘Wordpress’.

This type custom software used to be developed by high end developers but can now been created by DIY operators and has caused a squeeze in the middle, as content management systems (CMS) and shopping carts become easier to create.

This got me thinking about how many business owners are now having a stab at creating their own website using this software.

Alternatively, they might have a staff member knock them up a Wordpress site in the hope to save them money. The results in a few issues:

1. It does not look exactly as they want because they are limited by what the template allows them to do;

2. Their brand ends up looking cheap; and

3. The template chosen is used by other companies and does not set their business apart from the competition.

I believe that, because of the evolution of technology, we need to adapt and incorporate the software applications with some good old fashioned graphic design. At Media Comms, we start with flat designs and work with the client to make sure the website is exactly how they want it to look before we start coding the website.

Although the article speaks about death of the custom-built CMS we are able to custom design the CMS of Wordpress and create the most simplified process for updating the site. Once completed, we come and teach your staff how to use it


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