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Wednesday 6 February 2008

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The reason for the rapidly-shrinking Google front page.

I just received an email from a domain name wholesaler offering a reselling opportunity for Google ad words.

"Oh great," I thought. "The game's up. Now everyone's onto this caper and everyone can't be at the top of the search results."

For the early adopters, the search engine marketing bonanza offered rich pickings.

For some of our most successful clients, phone calls resulting from top-ranking Google search results have been their ONLY source of sales.

It has been a case of translating some very valuable knowledge into a fat and healthy bottom line.

But Google search results can only have one top ranking - and only one first page of results.

When no one else was trying, it has been relatively easy to optimise sites for high natural rankings and to execute inexpensive adwords campaigns.

With Google operating on an auction system for keywords, only Google itself will win as more and more players fight it out for the ultimate prize of top ranking.

It seems that everyone is now in on the concept.

The gold rush has been fast and furious. Fortunes were made as the smart people picked up the nuggets lying on the ground.

The alluvial gold has been harder to mine but the persistent prospectors have done well. With the gold almost mined out, the advantages are become harder and harder to identify and cash in on.

I was at a function this morning when a property investor expert told the audience that the best place to buy property "used to be" mining towns in the Pilbara where $250K properties were returning $1000 per week. What she didn't say was how much those properties now cost to buy.

Like search engine marketing, it's too late. The goldrush is winding down.

There's a lot to be said for keeping trade secrets secret!

The trick from here on in is to do it smarter and do it better than your competitors.


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    Friday 8 February 2008

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    Brett Gilbertson

    Hi Shane,

    Competition is certainly here in search rankings, but the real gold is actually in the content.

    In fact, you can have thousands of visitors hitting your website from a number one ranking, but still have no sales or leads because your website sucks.

    On the other hand, if you are clear about your website’s goals, and you work hard to maintain high conversion rates, competition doesn’t matter so much.

    Do more with less = concentrate on your content = conversion rates.

    Besides, publishing good content will bring plenty of backlinks which in turn will boost your search engine rankings…

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