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Tuesday 9 October 2007


Consolidated Adviser Network (CAN Australia) sought to establish its own brand and presence after being a long-term agency for RetireInvest, a major financial planning organisation.

CAN Australia also hopes to bring legal and accounting disciplines to the mix.

But how best to connect with the booming pre-retiree demographic?


Communicate, communicate, communicate was our advice.

A consistent and thoughtful stream of helpful advice will hit the mark with the army of 50+ Australians thinking about how best to set themselves up for a bright future when they finish their working lives.

E-news is the killer application for communicating with this sophisticated and discerning market.


So a website which doubles as an e-news engine is the perfect product in this circumstance.

Have a look at the interim website we have set up for CAN Australia at All the news that the site administrator enters through the sophisticated back-end goes onto the website (in summary form – with a “more” button for the full story).

But the really clever part is that we have also engineered an e-news button which automatically assembles every news item added in the last four weeks into an e-news and broadcasts to a list of subscribers. Visitors to the site register to receive the e-news. And every time they click through the e-news to “more”, they end up back on the website.

More recently we have conducted a successful direct mail and advertising campaign to get people to CAN Australia seminars.


Website traffic is building, information is passed, search engine ranking is growing and CAN Australia is successfully positioning itself as a credible and reliable source of advice.


Tony Raunic: ph: (03) 9248 6333

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