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Tuesday 9 October 2007

Mediacomms reduced the "scary" inundation mapping in the consultant's report into an innovative HTML5 animated series of maps which simply explained the current and future flood risks.
Mediacomms undertook a wide ranging project which included the creation of a website which interpreted and simplified the project into plain language.

Victorian waterways continue to be polluted by failing septic tanks. The root cause is failure by landowners to adequately maintain and service these failing systems.
The Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) approached Mediation Communications to design a campaign to tackle this ignorance.

Our consultancy was wide ranging.
The campaign name Smart Septics emerged through a process of research and consultation. Mediation injected its vast print and electronic publishing experience into the selected method – an education resource kit for local government environmental health officers (EHOs).
And we boldly recommended “poo man”, an unnamed character developed to lead awareness surrounding the issue. To its credit, the MAV bravely accepted the potentially controversial character as the campaign mascot.


The Smart Septics manual is a comprehensive set of prepared print and electronic resource templates. Source files were supplied on an accompanying CD-ROM.
Materials supplied included: Fact sheets, press releases, radio scripts, press ads, brochures, stickers and fridge magnets.


Councils have been empowered to conduct their own local Smart Septics campaigns to prevent environmental degradation. The sources files are supplied so they can be edited to include specific councils' own details and logos.
A central resource kit designed for all Victorian councils is truly a smart solution.


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