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Tuesday 9 October 2007



The Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) had identified a need for a central repository for information about best practice in stormwater management.

Communication with and discussion between all stakeholders involved in stormwater management and design is paramount to disseminate examples of best practice and to prevent massive duplication of effort.


Mediation prepared and refined a functional specification for the website

Mediation advised that a powerful and intuitive search mechanism was the key to the success of this project.


Built in ColdFusion and capable of hosting thousands of fully indexed documents, case studies and original research, the Clearwater website puts stormwater practitioners in touch with the best available data.

The Clearwater website was later expanded to include the subjects of domestic waste water and water conservation.

High-end print materials have also been designed and produced to support the campaign.


The Clearwater program is a recognised leader in the water industry.

Now housed under the auspices of Melbourne Water and adopting a self-funded philosophy, Clearwater continues to lead and educate.

The environment is the winner.

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