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Tuesday 11 December 2007


It had to be green and it had to focus on the average Australian domestic home. The GreenHome campaign identity needed to tell the whole story while, at the same time needed to convey the message that the campaign was achievable and certainly worthwhile.


Mediation designed the GreenHome brand using a simple illustrative approach. We incorporated two signature environmentally-sustainable activities – cycling and growing vegetables.

The central focus of the logo is the front door. It symbolises that this is where the commitment to a better future starts.


The Australian Conservation Foundation has built a campaign around the brand. It started with a single location in suburban Sydney but is rapidly becoming a national phenomena. See for further details.

Mediation continues to work with the ACF producing materials for the national rollout. We design and produce a regular newsletter and we are constantly producing new guides and manuals specific to the various states.


The program was recognised in 2007 with the Banksia Environmental Award in the category of education. See

This is the citation from the Banksia Awards website: “The Australian Conservation Foundation’s GreenHome program is a community education program that targets householders from urban areas and assists them to reduce their environmental footprint in their home and lifestyle. Since January 2005, hundreds of behaviour changes have been made by the 2917 participants on the program - from shorter showers to better food choices to sustainable home design. Significant environmental benefits include 116 ML of water saved (equivalent to 116 Olympic sized swimming pools full of water), 6880 tonnes of greenhouse gas saved (equivalent to taking 1370 cars off the road) and 510 kilo litres of waste saved (equivalent to 2123 wheelie bins full of waste)."

The ACF’s website also has a story on the award:

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