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Tuesday 9 October 2007


ACMA approached Mediation Communications to design and implement an education campaign to help protect Australia’s submarine cable connections with the rest of the world. Australia relies on a handful of undersea cables to keep the nation’s telecommunications connected. While there are heavy penalties for disturbing the cables, ACMA wanted to concentrate on the positive aspects. It wanted an overall conceptual solution and applications for signage, posters, press ads and brochures.


“Keep Australia Connected” was the outcome – a stylish suite of products which communicates the protection message in the best possible way. It was felt that an illustrative approach gave us the most flexibility to communicate to a diverse target audience which included recreational fishermen, divers and even mining companies. Our simple silhouette style technique conveys an unambiguous message which educates at the same time as issuing a serious warning.


Posters, signage, advertisements and brochures.


The campaign is just being rolled out, so it’s a bit early to tell. But if you are browsing the internet right now, it is fair to say that the campaign in working!


Shauna Hurley, ACMA, (03) 9963 6965

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