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Tuesday 9 October 2007


Shane Scanlan created media and communications business Mediation Communications in 1986.

Prior to that Shane was an A-grade metropolitan journalist.

Since starting the business, Shane has managed a number of other businesses and impressive consultancies in his "spare time".

These include:

  • Being the State of Victoria's first whole of government webmaster in 1996;
  • Being a founder and principal of Tenders Online which operated successfully from 1995 until 2006 when it was sold to an Reed Information Systems;
  • Being a KPMG associate consultant and working successfully on the Victorian Government's Health Channel and later the Government's Education Channel;
  • Conducting a "Reality Check" for Multimedia Victoria about how sucessfully the public found information on Victorian Government websites;
  • Bringing together the acclaimed website - a collaboration between Multimedia Victoria, the City of Melbourne, Melbourne Convention and Marketing Bureau, Tourism Victoria, The Committee forMelbourne and Major Events;
  • In 2006 project managing the Commonwealth-funded EasyBiz pilot program - designed to redefine the way businesses interact with Victorian local government online; and
  • Designing and project-managing the award-winning FoodSmart program - which resulted in savings of up to $5000 for food retailers.

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