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Monday 8 October 2007

Jocelyn has been Mediation’s publications specialist since 1998.

The consummate professional, Jocelyn is very much at home under pressure to make a client’s deadline.
Clients who get used to Jocelyn’s customer service standards are invariably dissatisfied with anything less.For example, a former client from the City of Yarra moved to Western Australia.

It wasn’t long before she convinced the City of Armadale to take the political risk and use Melbourne-based Mediation Communications.

Pre-Mediacomms experience:
Parkhouse Publishing
July 1993 - May 1998
Studio Manager
Overseeing various publications and design staff, scheduling work, liaising with clients and suppliers. Additionally, Jocelyn undertook editing and proofing duties.

Gordon Robertson and Associates
1989 - 1993
Mac operator/Advertising co-ordinator

Rural Press
Display Advertising Manager

Standard Newspapers
1982 - 1985
Display Advertising Co-ordinator

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